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Truth Before Treason on stage at Every Buddy's Bar & Grill, Chippewa Falls. November 2011

Band History

The band started as a band called Bullet Proof with three of the original members but playing in different instruments. Chris was playing drums and Jack was primarily doing vocals. They were a Black Sabbath tribute band. They provided Ben with his first bass and taught him how to play at the first band practice. Later Nathan joined the band and that moved Chris to guitar.

The next year the band changed their name to The Brutal Truth. The band was featured in Decibel magazine but not particularly favorably. Part of the reason for that was there was already a band called Brutal Truth and the magazine felt the name was too similar. Proving there is no such thing as bad press, the band gained a lot of popularity because of the Decibel article.

They felt they needed to change their name but the thing was they had a really cool TBT logo created by Faith Ulwelling and so they looked for a name where they could still use it.


Hard Rock/Metal





Chris Tulip - Lead Guitar/Lead Vocals
Jack Shaw - Rhythm Guitar/Vocal Background
Ben Ulwelling -- Bass/Vocal Background
Nathan Weisenbeck - Drums/Vocal Background

Former Members



Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet for my Valentine, Shinedown, Pantera, Staind, All That Remains, Black Label Society, Escape The Fate, Dream Theater, Van Halen, A Day To Remember, Megadeth



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Chris Tulip sings for Truth Before Treason
Ben Ulwelling, Chris Tulip and Jack Shaw on stage with Truth Before Treason at Every Buddy's Bar & Grill.


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